Our first Italian brand which we represent - INEDITO (_ineditomilano). 100% made in Italy.jpg

We were raised with the idea that if you want to create something you have to be able to manufacture it”.

Definitely, this logic has always characterized the way the Morelato Family operates. 

The values, which characterize the custom-made Morelato furniture production, respected by all the members of the family, engaged in the management of the company, are clearly legible in the products made by Morelato: quality, reliability, commitment and enthusiasm.

All these values were handed on by Aldo Morelato, values which in short mean care and attention during the production, with the wish to characterize and customize all the items in the catalog and also in all the furniture made to measure on customer request.

"Today we are the third generation involved in the expansion and promotion of the Morelato Company in the world”. 

This phrase expresses the pride and the desire to develop activities based on a process that starts from within and spreads outwards through the various contributions, which the individual members of the family in different ways make: from the production to the communication from the design to the commercialization.

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